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The series continues from the previous ones.. It's better if you go through previous two articles to understand Version Control System and Basics of Git.

Git vs. GitHub

So, we come to the question that we defined in our first article.

We have already learned Version Control System, its need, and one of its application in a form of Git.

Consider GitHub as a remote hosting platform of Git allowing easier collaboration with others around the world.

As the GitHub markets itself: Where the world builds software

GitHub works around the concept of Remote Repositories

Remote Repositories

  • Remote repository means, repository hosted on Internet or Local Network (i.e., your corporate network)
  • The main goal to work with remote repositories is to collaborate with others.
  • You can use these platforms to show your work and build your portfolio at beginner level.
  • This further leads to development of FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software)

Remote Platforms

Other than GitHub, platforms include BitBucket, GitLab and etc.

Signup Steps for GitHub

Signing up on GitHub is quite easy. Simply navigate to and click on Signup button at top right.

Image description

Afterwards, fill in the information and follow the steps mentioned: Image description

GitHub First Look

This is how GitHub first appears after you sign up. Image description

Introduce Yourself

This is one of the steps where you must take some time to introduce yourself in a better way: Image description

Once you click on "Continue" button, it should lead you to edit the Markdown file.

You can edit it as well as preview it.

Committing Changes

After you are done editing, you can commit your changes. Image description

GitHub Introduction Result

You should be able to see a page like this with your changes successfully saved: Image description

GitHub Repository Syntax

Following is a syntax of repository on GitHub


Image description

Special Repository

When Repository Name is exactly same as your Username on GitHub, it creates a special repository. file that is stored in this repository is directly shown at your profile.

For Example, my username on GitHub is Shameel123 which is accessible here: So,

Shameel123/Shameel123 is a special repository:

Whatever is stored in file is shown at GitHub profile.

GitHub Profile View

This is a simple profile view on GitHub

Image description

Try adding a profile picture and beautifying your file in your special repository as it works as a portfolio to show to your future clients or employers.

Markdown Syntax

Markdown is a special type of formatting that helps for documentation purpose or more precisely beautifying your documents.

GitHub supports markdown out of the box.

Here is a quick cheat-sheet that I got from here

Image description

At this stage, try to practice and learn this basic markdown syntax. Best way to learn is to practice, not to cram.

So, start making your notes in MD file and store them on your GitHub profile.